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HealthGuard PH


  • Basics

  • What is HealtGuard PH?

    It is a cross-platform software application that runs in multiple operating systems and devices for community-driven approach used as a communication channel between an agency and its members in terms of health and safety.

  • Who built HealthGuard PH?

    HealthGuard Ph is developed by Business Intelligence Research & Development Center (BIRD) and Health Innovation Center (HIC) of Isabela State University in partnership with PLDT, Smart and volunteer software engineers from IT industry.

  • What are the services of HealthGuard PH?

    HealthGuard Ph is mainly used for generating data analytics to provide agencies insights in providing healthcare services. It can also be used for current global pandemic Covid-19 for contact tracing.

  • What is Contact Tracing?

    Contract tracing as defined by World Health Organization as a process of identification and follow-up of persons who may have come into contact with a person infected with a contagious diseases, to help the contacts to get relevant care and treatment.

  • How does HealthGuard PH works for COVID-19 contact tracing?

    HealthGuard Ph works uses community-driven approach by reporting registered HealthGuard users, using system-generated HG codes as their contacts through text messaging, web application and mobile application.

    If one of HealthGuard users identified by concerned healthcare agency as suspected or probable Covid-19 patient, HealthGuard app will work with healthcare agency to generate contacts report of HealthGuard users to inform the people who had close contact with infected individual, to provide appropriate healthcare.

  • WEB Application

  • How to Register using HealthGuard web application?

    Go to and fill up the registration form.

    You will receive a text message for your One-Time-Pin (OTP).

    Input the One-Time-Pin (OTP) for verification.

    Login using your mobile number and OTP code as temporary password.

    Once logged in, it will ask you create your own password.

    Login again, to update your profile.

    Once updated, you may proceed in reporting contacts.

  • How to Report Contacts using HealthGuard web application?

    Login using your mobile number and password.

    Type the usercode of ther person you interacted.

    Then, click Report button.

  • Privacy

  • How is my data protected?

    Registered user of HealthGuard Ph voluntarily participate in the in the contact tracing activity, full public participation help concerned government agency to do conduct tracing activities.

    Data collected will be solely used for its intended purposes as agreed in the Terms and Conditions. HealthGuard treated data with utmost confidentiality.